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Top 10 Funniest Runner’s Words

If you’re new to the runner’s world, you’ll hear words and phrases used by fellow runners that might make your head tilt in confusion. Runners definitely have their own language and we’re here to help you navigate your way through all of it. Here we go… #10: P.R. – This stands for “Personal Record”, or […]

Encinitas Half Marathon

Run a Half Marathon in 8 weeks

This kind of quick training is referred to as “Crash Training”. Eight weeks is definitely doable for anyone that can comfortable walk/run 3 miles and is committed to doing some kind of cardio, whether it be walking, running, cross training 5-6 days a week until race day. The feeling of accomplishing a half marathon and […]

Encinitas Half Marathon

Pace Yourself

Race Organizer, Robert Nichols, confirmed the pacing group for the Encinitas Half Marathon yesterday! Beast Pacing will be officially getting our runners to the finish line in their desired time. What exactly is a pacing group? To start, your “pace” is your minute per mile, how fast you are moving and/or the time is takes to […]

Encinitas Half Marathon

Approval and Launch of the Encinitas Half Marathon

On Wednesday, May 18th, the local non-profit, Surfing Madonna Oceans Project, stood before Encinitas City Council asking for approval of a new road race in Encinitas – the Encinitas Half Marathon.  With this race, Surfing Madonna Oceans Project pledged to give $140,000 of the proceeds back to community, including Solana Beach for ocean conservation and education programs. […]