Going for the Challenger Series?

Registering for the Challenger Series means you have to complete the following races:

– 2017 Surfing Madonna 15K (on the hard packed sand) – November 5

– 2018 Encinitas Half Marathon – March 4

Make 2017 your Challenger year!

The Surfing Madonna 15K is on Sunday, November 5 and the course is entirely on the hard packed sand during low tide. *This 15K is known to be more tough than a lot of local Half Marathons! Check out the video from last year!


Challenger Series Rules:

  1. You must register for the Challenger Series registration option.

  2. You must wear a timing device and receive an official time for each event. If you do not have an official finishing time, you will automatically be disqualified.

  3. Both events have their own time limits – to be eligible for the Challenger Series, you must adhere to each time limit.

So, are you up for the challenge?


If I run the Surfing Madonna 15K and the Encinitas Half Marathon, but I don’t register for the Challenger Series, can I still get a medal? Unfortunately, we must know how many medals to order! You must register as a Challenger Series runner in order to receive the finisher’s medal.

Do I still get the Surfing Madonna 15K medal and the regular Encinitas Half Marathon medal? YES! Of course.

How do I upgrade my registration to the Challenger Series? Please email megan@surfingmadonna.org or call 760-585-6631.

– What do I get for signing up for the Challenger Series division? You will receive a big, beautiful Challenger Series finisher’s medal, Challenger Series race bibs at both the Surfing Madonna 15K and the Encinitas Half Marathon, and lots of love from the Race Announcers for your accomplishment.

– Can I transfer one of the race entries to another person? No, no transfer are allowed in this division.